About Us

Modsim has been founded in 2005 as an engineering company which serves about modelling and simulation, a kind of decision support system which private and public foundations need.

Ergonomic Handling Technologies and Manipulator Systems has become the main service topic after combining experiences about ergonomy obtained during many modelling and simulation projects and available project and design skills.

Our strong engineering and design skills are supported by the products of the companies, expert on their field and innovative, like Gorbel, Strödter, Vaculex ve Torros on the projects about Ergonomic Handling Technologies and Manipulator Systems to meet the customer requirements.

Modsim; guarantees the performance on turn-key projects and undertakes technical service and maintenance service on all used products.


Our Mission is to develop solutions using our strong engineering skills and put our expert on ergonomy, modelling, otomation and simulation areas into service to handle all customer requirements about lifting and handling.

Our Vision is to become a partner to the companies in their long way to solve their problems and make them reachable, long-time, reliable, and warm friends.


Modsim applies its principles on all services :

  • Perfection : We are developing long-term, issueless solutions as thinking in deep detail.
  • Improvement : We are trying to increase our know-how as combining customer feedbacks and our researchs made for perfection.
  • Continuity : We are trying to make persistent, reliable and intimate relationships with the customers.
  • Dynamicness : We are developing fast and adaptable solutions for customer conditions and environments with a behaviour of solutions oriented.
  • Realism : We are offering long-term and persistent solutions to the customers and trying to find the best way fort them.