Pneumatic Manipulators

Modsim uses self-designed pneumatic manipulators in his projects to meet customer requirements and process restricts.

These are the systems with momentum which have various lifting capacity and arm length and take the weight which the operator have to lift.

According to the project constraints, it is hardly possible to see these manipulators in most of the places as standart products. They are hanged on the rails constructed to the upper-construction so that work space is increased.

The most serious advantage of them is that they have momentum. Arm structure meets all extra loads caused by reaching ahead on the get&drop area, going into the bottom or inside of a system and carrying the asymetric equipments.

Working principle is that pneumatic pistons are the carriers of empty and full loads on the last point of the manipulator. The balance is reached by adjusting the piston pressure using valve under the condition of changing loads.

Pneumatic Manipulator SystemsPneumatic Manipulator Systems