Ergonomic Lifting Technologies

Ergonomic handling technologies, a kind of handling and lifting process performed by the operator(human), are used with respect to process needs and constraints to keep the operation within the ergonomyc boundaries.

Ergonomic Lifting Technologies

Choosing appropriate ergonomic handling technologies solution, projecting and designing with respect to the process and performing and installing effectively are the main subjects of Modsim.

Air and in-ground solutions are the main methods of ergonomic handling technologies :

Air Lifting Technologies include Ergonomic Aluminum Rails, Electronic and Pneumatic Manipulators and Vacuum Transport Systems(Vacuum Lift) and their combinations.

In-ground Lifting Technologies include Mobile Handling Technologies(Mobile Lifters), pallets and platforms.

Ergonomic Workstations outside of these two groups are the systems which keep the operators within the ergonomyc boundaries.

By providing work and worker criterias, ergonomic handling technologies prevent the permanent health problems which may occur over time and also increase the operation performance and perform the operation in more practical and needing less source way.

Automatic Handling Technologies, which is the next level of operator systems in handling technologies, are the other service topics of Modsim.